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November 9, 2017
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Clients Startup Guide

Clients Startup Guide


1 – Create an account

  • You may create an account here or clicking SIGN UP on home page
  • Choose a Client account


2- Fill in the required details, click Sign UP, and make sure to activate your account from your email account

  • Make sure to check your Spam/Junk folder if you haven’t received the email immediately.


3- Your navigation panel is located on the right as per the image below


4- Edit your profile

  • Click MY PROFILE from the navigation panel (step 3).
  • Click Edit on your profile section.


  • Fill in the required details, and then change your profile picture from the left side of the form.


  • Click Change Picture to upload your picture and then click Save profile picture.


5- Post a service request

  • Click SERVICE REQUESTS on home page , then click POST A SERVICE REQUEST

  • Fill in the required details:
  • Category of service request: which type of service request do you require? a gaming account, boosting your account, In game Items.. etc
  • Service request title: fill in the title of request, be as clear as possible, for example ” League of Legends rank boosting, PC, EU West server”
  • Add some details or info of your requirement, what rank are you, which champion do you need ranking.. etc
  • Choose the game you require the service on
  • State your budget, and be reasonable, service providers will compete within a reasonable price and might not match yours if its too low for what you ask for
  • Choose the platform on which you require the service on: PC, PS4, Xbox .. etc
  • If your request have multiple stages or have few repetitions, add a milestone, for example you require 2 runs for a raid, but you can only do a raid every 1 week, so you might set a milestone for the first raid, and complete the request after doing the second on the week after

  • Submit the request


6- Receiving bids and taking the next step

  • When you receive a bid you will be notified by the small bell icon next to your username

  • You may contact the bidder to further inspect his offer and how will he deliver it, we strongly suggest so.
  • You may then click Accept Bid
  • You will have to deposit funds at this moment, if you do not have funds the following message will appear

  • Click Buy credit to proceed with funding your account
  • Select the appropriate top up amount, in this case, $10 and 2X $1 for a total of $12

  • Top up the exact amount you need, otherwise you will have to pay Paypal charges on withdrawal if there were any excess.
  • Select Payment method to confirm and proceed

  • Now you may accept the bid

7- Completing the request

  • When you accept a bid, you will have a workspace window with the service provider

  • Click Finish when the work has been completed, and rate the service provider

  • In case of trouble with the service provider, you may Close the request and send the admin a dispute request



7- Withdrawal in case of disputes or service request cancelation

  • To withdraw your money, go to MY CREDIT page from your navigation menu
  • At the bottom of the page you will find Credit Withdrawal section

  • Update your Paypal account details, and then send a Withdraw request
  • Please note that there is a minimum withdrawal threshold for scam protection, in case you need to withdraw an amount less of that, please send us a request here to be reviewed