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November 13, 2017
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Frequently Asked Questions


– Where can i find help?

  • You may find a guide to help you here, in case you need to request to add new games you go here, any support requests are submitted here, and finally if you need to report a user for scam or abuse, you can do that here.


– What is a service request?

  • A service request is a request made by a client, asking for work to be done by a service provider.


– Who is a client?

  • A client is a gamer that needs a service done, for example requires a raid to be completed, requires to purchase an item, or a gaming account.


– Who is a service provider?

  • A service provider is a skilful player that offer services on this website for a client.


– What is the commission rate?

  • Commission rate as of now is 5% paid by the service provider, which means if he/she about to make $100 on a service request, $5 will be deducted from the payment released and awarded to TheSkilful.


– How do i buy a game account?

  • When you buy an account make sure you obtain the username, password, email ID of the account. For your security once you obtain the account change the login details, also change the account provided email ID login details, also its advised to change the email ID on that account to your own .


– How do i rank up/get boosted?

  • Never provide your password, account boosters should be able to add you to their party by in-game username only, and from there they should be able to rank you up, if you encounter a service provider that requests your login details, please report him using the following form.


– Why do we charge a commission rate?

  • Commissions covers the cost of hosting, development and support of the website first, covers the costs of Paypal charges for any refunds, disputes and charge backs second, covers the cost of advertisement to acquire new clients and service providers third, and then, finally, the excess goes to the website team who work on it and maintain it.


– How can i withdraw my earnings?

  • You have to update your Paypal and Banking details in My Credit page, then submit a withdraw request at the bottom of the page. There is a minimum withdrawal threshold to be met, in case you need to withdraw without meeting the threshold, send a request here to be reviewed. Minimum threshold exists to protect clients from being scammed, allow up to 10 days for your withdrawal requests as they are manually reviewed.


– What is the Escrow system?

  • It is a payment system developed to protect both parties, client and service providers. The payment is deposited to the website when the bid is about to be accepted, this will guarantee payment for the service provider after the work is completed, at the same time, this will protect the client from scam, in case the service wasn’t completed , his payment will be secure with us until his work is completed.


– Why do i need bidding plans?

  • bidding plans are made to protect against careless bidding by service providers on all requests, service providers might abuse the bidding system for their advantage otherwise.


– Where can i get bidding plans?

  • You can purchase bidding plans from My Service Requests page here.


– What is a portfolio?

  • We encourage all service providers to create a portfolio, as it makes them more appealing for hire by clients, think of it as your Gamer CV, and clients are your interviewers.


– What is a milestone?

  • A milestone is like a mini mission for your service request, for example you might require 2 raids completion, so you create a milestone for completing one raid, and wait for the following week to complete the second one.


 – Boosting! Why do you offer boosting, that’s bad!!

  • We simply list any services required, and that includes boosting, even if you do not support that act personally, others still require it. We do not encourage nor discourage any services.