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November 13, 2017
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Important Tips

Important Tips


– Never provide your login details to anyone

  • Your password should be kept private, do not provide your password to any service provider.


– Complete all transactions on this website

  • We wont be able to provide any protection if you do transactions outside of, we have a messaging system to communicate with the service provider to ask any details, you may use in game voice chat to communicate during the service only, also any payments made outside of the website wont be protected by our escrow system, and any users trying to abuse the website to gain external clients will be banned and any on site currency frozen until further notice.


– Always communicate

  • Communication between service providers and clients is very encouraged, messaging before proceeding with payments to clarify the request and to make sure it can be completed as required is important, also it will avoid you bad reviews due to disappointment and time waste. Messaging is easy and free.


– Make sure you are on the right platform/server.

  • Make it clear, add details about what you require and offer, is the service requested is for PC, PS4, or Xbox One? which server are you on?


 – Best service requests posting practices

  • When you post a service request or offer to complete one, make sure you add important details as on which platform the service is required on (PC, PS4, Xbox One), and which server (EU West, Middle East, ..).
  • An example of the above is: “Gold Rank League Of Legends PC account required, EU West server”