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November 13, 2017
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Service Providers Startup Guide

Service Providers Startup Guide


1 – Create an account

  • You may create an account here or clicking SIGN UP on home page
  • Choose  Service Provider account


2- Fill in the required details, click Sign UP, and make sure to activate your account from your email account

  • Make sure to check your Spam/Junk folder if you haven’t received the email immediately.


3- Your navigation panel is located on the right as per the image below


4- Edit your profile

  • Click MY PROFILE from the navigation panel (step 3).
  • Click Edit on your profile section.


  • Fill in the required details, and then change your profile picture from the left side of the form.
  • Make sure to tick “Email me requests that are relevant to my games” if you want to be notified about that.

  • Click Change Picture to upload your picture and then click Save profile picture.


5- Create a Portifolio

  • Service Providers with a portfolio are more attractive to clients, we suggest you create one
  • Scroll down MY PROFILE page and click Add new on the Portfolio section

  • Fill in the required details , and then click Save


6 – Bidding plans

  • To bid on service requests you need to have available bids, you may purchase a free bidding plan from here or by navigating to MY SERVICE REQUESTS from home page

  • Click Purchase more bids. and select Free plan to continue

  • Select Credit option

  • You may now bid on Service requests as you have 6 bids


7 – Searching for Service Requests

  • Now you are ready to show your skills, you may wait for the site to email you related requests, or you may search for them
  • Navigate to SERVICE REQUESTS from home page

  • Search for the required service request by using the filters
  • Filters include: Game title, request category, platform, and keywords

  • Click on the preferred service request to start the process



8 – Working with Service Requests

  • Click on the required service request
  • Pay attention to the required, and make sure you can provide the service
  • Click Bid to submit your bid, please fill all the required details stating clearly your service
  • Please note that commission rate will be deducted from your payment after the service has been completed

  • You might be contacted by the Client to discuss the service, keep an eye on your notifications icon or check your INBOX from the navigation panel (step 3)


9 – Accepted bid

  • After the Client accept you bid, you will have a workspace window with him/her, to further communicate and complete the service

  • After completing the service, the client will mark the request as complete in order for you to receive your payment

  • In case of trouble with the client, or the inability to complete the requested, click Discontinue as per the images above, you will have to fill the required details and an admin will review your request


10- Withdrawal

  • To withdraw your money, go to MY CREDIT page from your navigation menu
  • At the bottom of the page you will find Credit Withdrawal section

  • Update your Paypal account details, and then send a Withdraw request
  • Please note that there is a minimum withdrawal threshold for scam protection, in case you need to withdraw an amount less of that, please send us a request here to be reviewed

2 Comments on this article

  1. Alric Ferrao

    When are people actually going to ask for requests been waiting almost for a month now. I was one of the first few to register and put a bid on the DMG rank service requests..

    Hope to see some action going on around here..

    • admin

      hey alric, we have around 100 members already and still growing, hopefully more soon, you will receive emails once service requests related to your games are posted, have a good day