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About Us

Gaming Freelance


  • Having or showing skill, skilful is preferred in all main varieties of English except American English.


1. Who We Are

We are Gamers like you, and like you we once searched for one or more of the services offered by our website, whether it was to complete a mission/raid, require a boost, buy an in game item we needed, or more… and like you we were once shocked of the prices we found online. Why you ask? because there is no true freelance gaming service out there, we are forced to pay a premium to cover the expensive cost of design, development, and hosting of a website that offer limited services for a limited number of games. The idea of came up, a web service offered by Gamers for Gamers, a web service which everyone can participate in once they are skilful enough in a game they play. You can find all types of services here for a large collection of games, and the expenses are covered by the vast amount of users and their small transactions. We charge a 5% commission rate, that is small enough not to burden those of you Skilful players who wants to offer your services, and at the same time, wont burden our clients and make them pay a premium for what they require. Let us build together a community that offers everything for all gamers, because some of us, just do not have the time to complete and acquire all what we need in our precious game charecters.


2. Why Choose TheSkilful


Best Prices Guranteed

  • We work through a bidding system, which means, once we acquire a big amount of service providers, you have plenty of service providers to complete your requests, they will have to compete with the prices to win your choice.


 Safe and Secure

  • We work through an escrow/wallet system, the payments stay with us, assuring the service provider there is a payment for him after he complete his service, and assuring the client that his payment is safe until his request was completed.
  • We work through a dispute system, in case of anything going wrong between the client and the service provider, the admin will intervene to solve the issue.



  • Every user is rated after they complete their transaction, the better you perform and interact, the better rating you have, the better hire rate you obtain.


3. How It Works


– Register for an account, a Client account or a Service Provider account.

A client is a user who need a service done, a service provider is the user who provide this service


– Post or search through service requests.

Clients post service requests, service providers search for those service requests and find ones they can complete


– Bidding

Service providers will bid on service requests, service providers have limited bids, purchasable, in order to prevent spam bidding on all requests. A client will select the bid he finds most suitable,after depositing the amount of the bid to the website.


– Completion

After the service is complete, the client will release the payment


– Withdrawal

Service Providers will withdraw, through Payapl, what they earn with us.