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Profile of Arlind Pali

Arlind Pali Veteran
9 years playing experience 0 service requests completed PC Gamer
5.00$ /hr 0$ earned
League of Legends

Veteran PC gamer since 2002, played a lot of strategy and war games.
Got into Mobas around 2008 and am now playing League of Legends for nearly 5 years. 
Have helpt low elo friends to rank up, starting back in season 6, when ranked of 5 was a thing, and then after that, I’ve played with friends with lower elos in duos or solo games helping them have  a better ranked status on their account. (Max Plat 5 but can do to plat 2-3 now) – (Finished as a Platinum 1, but reached Diamond in S7)


~Can assist you in-game in EUNE/EUW

~GOLD/PLATINUM accounts Eune for sale 

~Boosting from Unranked to Platinum

~Leveling up accounts quickly

Mail me at: [email protected] for any request/question

Service History (0)

  • There are no activities yet.

Gaming Experiences

  • LoL Tournaments


    July 2017 - Now


  • Diamond

    Unranked in S8

    March 2013

Favorite Game

  • Valve Games


    November 2002 - January 2018

    Counter-Strike Condition Zero (Deleted scenes)
    Half Life
    Half Life 2
    (still waiting for that Half Life 3 launch LOL)
    Counter-Strike : GO

  • Rome Total War


    May 2006 - January 2009

  • League of Legends


    March 2013 - January 2018